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City May Force Homeowners to Tackle Graffiti

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Today the City Council will consider an ordinance that would ultimately require all homeowners to apply anti-graffiti coating to their residences (the coating would have to be applied to a height of at least nine feet), reports the Daily News. But if you sign a contact with the city, an agreement that basically says you'll remove the graffiti within seven days or within 72 hours of being notified by the city, you're exempt, according to the paper. The News reports City Councilwoman Wendy Greuel wanted the exception because the coating 'often discolors the surface of buildings and is not always environmentally friendly.'" At least one neighborhood council is against the ordinance, stating homeowners will be victimized twice: Once by taggers and again as a result of possible fines brought by the city. It's not clear how homeowners would get the coating or whether it would be free. Meanwhile, in Echo Park, a polite request from a local bakery to skip the spray gun.
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