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Still A Mystery, Water Main Breaks Investigated

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[Sinkhole #34-654C/Lincoln Boulevard/Sept 20]
The New York Times weighs on in LA's exploding water main pipes, and while there's not a lot of new information, here are the stats: Since September 1, there have been 43 breaks versus 21 breaks in September 2008. Those drought watering restrictions may be part of the problem, but no one knows anything (although the City Council has requested a report). And if the media has a sense of humor about the trend, the Department of Water and Power does not. No joking about aging infrastructure, perhaps. Here's the stern-sounding DWP statement issued yesterday. “We will not speculate about causes to the recent increase in the severity of pipe breaks. We will wait for the facts and evidence discovered through our investigation to lead us to conclusions — not form them before we have evaluated the facts and completed our investigations.”
· In a Parched Los Angeles, the Streets Suddenly Run Wet [New York Times]