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Ask Curbed: How to Fight Valet Parking Hoarders?

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After NBC's investigative report on the illicit parking practices of this city's valets--and their illegal signs (pictured)--one Curbed reader is still fighting the good fight, but needs some help: "Any word on if anything is happening w/ valets illegally saving spots in Hollywood? I had to strongly tell the people @ Dragonfly on Santa Monica Blvd that they could not take a metered space and I could park there. After they finally agree to let me park there, I come out from the play I saw and there was a Valet/No Parking cone on the other side of my car. As if that's not enough, a valet comes following me to my car to save the spot. I tried to tell him off but he didn't speak english! Is there anyone/anywhere I can file a complaint??"
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