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Which Movie Producer is Too Embarrassed to Admit He Takes--and Loves--the Bus?

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Yesterday we heard from James Kunstler, who visited LA and declared it difficult to park for under $1,000 a week. Today the Wall Street Journal's Stan Sesser shows you can get all over town on under $30 a week. Sesser set out to sightsee in LA using only public transportation, and he did it, but not of course without some tsuris. He found out that getting from the Getty Villa to the Watts Towers takes two and a half hours by shuttle, bus, and rail, for instance. And getting to the Huntington Library is a pain no matter what. But the most intriguing part of Sesser's experiment is the West Hollywood movie producer he meets who loves public transit: "I can read, I can get up to date on my iPhone, I can watch videos on my iPod. There's a lot that can be done with someone else driving." Sounds right on. But the producer wouldn't let Sesser use his name in the article because he's too embarrassed that he enjoys taking the bus. He even hires a car when he goes to studios so no one will ever find out his terrible, energy efficient secret. "It's a preconceived idea that if you take the bus, you're a failure," he tells the paper. Meanwhile, Sesser remains impressed by Metro's route planning software and low fares, and the transponders on buses "that communicate with traffic signals to keep green lights on longer and change red lights to green faster."
· The Bus Stops Here [WSJ]

Watts Towers

1765 E 107th St, Los Angeles, CA 90002