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Brentwood Project Formerly Known As Las Ventanas Gets Moving

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Fears of a Spanish Revival ghost building in Brentwood averted: The townhome formerly known as Las Ventanas at 11937 W. Sunset Boulevard has finally moved some units. Following that big price drop in February, lowered asking prices---prices initially started as high as $2.7 million and then dropped to as low as $1.499 million---have helped sell some units. Of the 14 units, 8 have sold outright and 1 is in escrow, according to listing agent Don Heller. The last remaining units will be coming on in the next couple of weeks and they'll be priced from $1.6 million-$1.7 million, according to Heller. Those prices still seem insanely expensive given the traffic situation on Sunset Blvd and the lack of a pool with the units, but obviously we know nothing.
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