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ConstructionWatch: Westwood's Plaza La Reina

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While work has yet to begin on Westwood's Robert AM Stern-designed hotel/condo project, the neighborhood is getting a new place for visitors to lay their heads aside from the W—meet the Lindbrook Drive project known as Plaza La Reina. Designed by Moule & Polyzoides (which is developing a transit-oriented development plan for East LA) and Gin Wong Associates (the folks behind the redesign of the LAX theme building and LAX's Terminal One), the 44-room, five-story hotel is the latest project to rise in Westwood Village. Wong's website describes the project as surrounded by "a public courtyard above pedestrian-friendly neighborhood serving retail. The building steps in height in order to serve as a transition between a 23-story office tower to the west and an historic two-story courtyard residential structure to the east." Apparently, there will also be units for sale: the east alley of the building will be turned into a landscaped lane "fronted by live/work units that will complement the existing entry stoops directly opposite."
· Moule & Polyzoides [Official Site]
· Gin Wong & Associates [Official Site]