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Gensler Brings the Blue to Beverly Hills, But Where's Ari?

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Say what you will about Gensler, but the firm is consistent. And the design of their new building on Beverly Hills---the one that was slated to hold the offices of William Morris Endeavor (WME) Entertainment--has that blue look of the nearly completed Ritz-Carlton Tower in downtown. But good lord, this building, located at the corner of Beverly Drive and Dayton Way, is the source of a lot of drama. First, WME head Ari Emanuel, said by Deadline Hollywood to "hate" this building, booted Gensler from the interior job on their offices, instead hiring Neil Denari. And last week, the Wrap reported that Emanuel was completely out of the building. "We've now confirmed with parties close to the affair that WME co-CEO Ari Emanuel has indeed backed out of the lease for the not-yet-completed William Morris Endeavor building on Beverly Drive. Either that, or he is in the midst of doing so. As we reported previously, Emanuel thought the building was too expensive, and he found a clause in the contract - the one guaranteeing exclusivity to a theatrical agency - that gave him room to wiggle out." The clause has to do with valet parking, according to the blog. If The Wrap is correct, where's Ari headed? More importantly, what do Beverly Hills residents think of this building?

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