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New To Market: Predock_Frane-Designed Condos In Hollywood

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Feast your eyes upon the newest condos from Richard Loring and the Habitat Group (who have built some of our favorite in-fill developments in the past few years, including Formosa 1140 and Habitat 825). Loring has a history of working with talented architects, and Habitat 15 is no exception. Designed by Predock_Frane, the building's facade features "27 windows of differing sizes, all placed in a seemingly random pattern across the 80-foot-long front facade." The project consists of 15 two-bedroom town homes (each is either two or three stories) and an interior courtyard. The two-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath unit for sale here is three levels and includes a den. Listing price: $799,000 or $475 per square foot.
· Predock Frane [Deasy Penner]