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Live In FLW's Fallingwater

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With architecturally significant and historic houses needing all the help they can get in this economy, we can't really fault the proprietors of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater for their new access program, Insite Onsite. Visitors to the house can now spend the day and two evenings in the house, experiencing it as if they were living there. That kind of access comes with a hefty price tag: $1,195 and includes an evening arrival with an in-depth tour, sleeping on an adjacent property on the grounds, and "the next morning visitors [can] lounge around the house and grounds, have lunch on the terraces,.. and then have a dinner party at the house with curators and a guest, perhaps a leading figure in the architecture community." Perhaps the Ennis House, still on the market for $15 million, should consider a similar program? [Reuters]