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More USC Housing Proposed for Figueroa Corridor

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While we wait for the University Gateway project to be finished, gaze upon the proposed student housing project at Figueroa and Adams. The draft environmental report for the project, which would house USC students, has just been released. According to the report, the developer--named as Capital Oak Venture, LLC---is looking to put a 145- unit residential building at 2455 S. Figueroa Street, right near Adams Boulevard and a half mile away from the university. "The proposal includes a multi -story structure with five levels atop two levels of subterranean parking. The upper four levels of the structure would contain residences, while the lower (ground) level would be reserved for parking for the Church, and a lobby and lounge for the residential uses." The report indicates that the owner of the site, Capital Oak Venture, LLC, is also the project. Judging from the look of the renderings, we're gonna to say that the developer is keeping it in line with the USC look.
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