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Mixed Messages from HOK's Big Blue Bus Facility

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Via flickr user HOK network
Contract Magazine, which looks at commercial design, dives into Santa Monica's new 66,000 square-foot bus maintenance facility on Colorado Avenue, a building that's being touted s environmentally-friendly. Designed by the Los Angeles office of HOK, the facility "incorporates numerous sustainable features including the use of high-albedo concrete... to keep the facility's microclimate cooler; 80-kilowatt photovoltaic panels on the roof; an urban runoff system to filter storm water; electric vehicle charging stations; open repair bays designed to take advantage of the natural breezes and natural sunlight, resulting in a facility which uses little or no air conditioning." That sounds great, but the Green LA Girl blog points out one environmental aspect HOK forgot: bike racks. When the blogger asked about the omission at the facility's opening on Wednesday, officials told her they'd watch her two-wheeler during her tour.
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