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LA Lagging in Federal Funds for New Transit

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It was announced yesterday that Metro was formally pursuing federal money to build the Wilshire subway extension and the Downtown Connector. The IWillRide blog, which is advocating for the Gold Line extension into Montclair, brings up the point that federal new starts funding (which has greatly favored New York to every other region's detriment; see map) takes 7-10 years to kick in from the beginning of the rail project's history. Considering the subway and the DC are in the early stages, and the Gold Line extension is more advanced, IWillRide asked Metro at their Thursday board meeting why they aren't gunning for fed money for that project, since it can be obtained that much sooner (Congresswoman Judy Chu says a lack of federal funding for projects like the Gold Line extension and the Crenshaw line will severely hamper those lines). Metro's answer: They're seeking other sources of federal funding for the Gold Line extension.
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