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CurbedWire: Sexy Century Towers Work, You Move and LA Moves, Perhaps?

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CENTURY PLAZA: Who hasn't been completely intrigued with what's being built near the Annenberg Center for Photography? Bed for a giant? An answer comes from Cindy Giordano Taylor, Senior Director of Marketing, CB Richard Ellis, which manages the property. "The structure is being built to house mechanical equipment for Century Plaza Towers. The structure is not affiliated with the Annenberg Space for Photography." And now you know. [Curbed InBox]

LOS ANGELES: A mini reader rant hit the InBox. Heat making people hopped up? "Hey Curbed, all this yammering about making LA more pedestrian-friendly, but how about teaching people in this city how to WALK? Have you noticed how people in LA can't walk across crosswalks with any speed? Check out the "right on red" situation, you can't turn because people dawdle, they wander out of the crosswalk, they listen to the ipods, the big ones glare at you like you're gonna run 'em over. How about a MTA sponsored campaign to teach people the link between traffic and walking: You Move, LA Moves?' [Curbed InBox]