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AECOM's Latest, A New Glendale Office Complex

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Time to check in on yet another new AECOM project, this time in Glendale. AECOM (formerly DMJM) is the large global architecture firm also responsible for the new LAPD headquarters downtown and Loyola Marymount's circular library. This one, an eight story office building at 207 Goode Avenue for the troubled Maguire Properties, is 189,00 square foot square feet. According to an older fact sheet on the project, the building is constructed of "white precast concrete, high performance silver glass, pewter colored metal and accented with acid-green elements inside and out." We spoke with the project designer at AECOM, Carlos Madrid, and he tells us he "was very excited to design a suburban spec office building that aspired to be neither; spec nor suburban." He also acknowledges that the building was completed at a time when demand for commercial space is particularly low.

But in slightly happier news, we learn that rumors of a forced furlough or shortened workweek at AECOM due to the economy are false. Plans to move from a 40 hour to 32 hour workweek have been scratched due to new projects coming in, and employees there are working a full 40 hour week.
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