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LA Not Particularly Welcoming to Tucker Max

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This snippet of an article was published in 2009, centuries ago in internet years, and the original gist of it has been lost to time. In the year 2018, a concerned reader wrote in to say that this reader tip was a hoax, one of many perpetuated by a person named Ryan Holiday, who later published a book about all these fibs to media outlets. Do with that information what you will!

A reader writes: "I saw these on my way home last night. It was on 3rd and Crescent Heights, I think. Good to know Los Angeles hates him too." Provocateur Tucker Max's new movie "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell" opens this weekend.

Max, hero to frat boys, "poster child for the vulgarity," was recently profiled in the Los Angeles Times. What his critics say: "Films and books like his disguise disrespect, objectification and abusive behavior toward women as comedy and try to make it culturally acceptable," said Shannon Johnson, director of the North Carolina State Women's Center. "The real problem is that it becomes mainstream to dehumanize women. That acceptance condones sexual violence to occur."