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Rent Check: Irving Gill's Morgan House In Hancock Park

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For all the Schindler and Neutra fans out there, acquaint yourself with Irving Gill, whose work highly influenced many of the mid-century modern architects. In fact, it was Gill's Dodge House on Kings Road, built in 1916 (and demolished in 1970) using "tilt-slab" construction that inspired Schindler to use the same technique in his own residence. There aren't many Gill houses still extant in LA (San Diego, however, has more than its fair share), so its exciting to see the Morgan House for rent (and also for sale). The house was renovated recently, (around 2005ish if we recall correctly), and features a "hidden entry porch lead[ing] to formal living room with hearth and adjacent dining room, both facing garden with outdoor dining & pond." The property is described as a "gated mini-compound" with a two-bedroom, one-bath main house and a guest house that has two rooms, a bath and an outdoor shower. Monthly rent: $5520, and it's offered at $1,455,000.
· Morgan House :: Irving Gill, Architect [Deasy/Penner]