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PriceChopper: Calm Your Nerves in the Hollywood Hills

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You'll recall this five bedroom, eight bathroom house, which "has been called 'ONE OF THE SAFEST HOMES IN THE WORLD'," went on the market in February for $9.995 million. The house was built in 2002 by SAFE, a company in the business of designing homes presumably for budding Tony Montanas, and is owned by Lana Corbi, television exec and wife of Al V. Corbi, president of SAFE. It comes with two panic rooms and two safe cores, which are like big panic rooms that isolate entire living areas. There's also a heliport (careful of crashes), a rooftop patio (watch out for snipers), a gourmet kitchen (knives!), and a wine cellar (that sounds nice). The compound has been chopped (or "deliberately and carefully sliced") down to $7.25 million, or $936 a square foot. Use the extra money for therapy and sedatives.
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