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Wilshire Blvd Development Debated, Schlockiness Alleged

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If you've been watching the area around Wilshire Boulevard in mid-Wilshire, you know the neighborhood has seen a handful of very large apartment complexes (Avalon, 5600 Wilshire, Viridian) go up in the last couple of years. Generally apartment buildings never seem to look as great as condo buildings, although some of these Wilshire projects are better-looking than others. But with more apartments planned, sometimes we scratch our heads, and wonder: What do the neighbors think? On that note, the Larchmont Chronicle covers BRE's La Brea/Wilshire six-story project, which the Planning Commission approved last month. The paper either can't or won't find anyone who likes the project--everyone gripes about the height and scale. Jim O’Sullivan, president of the Miracle Mile Residential Assoc, even manages to insult BRE's 5600 Wilshire aka the asshat in the story. "It is also a disappointment, says O'Sullivan of 5600 Wilshire. "They did a schlock job.” But in defense of the scaled down La Brea/Wilshire project, Renee Weitzer in Councilman Tom LaBonge's office says: "The sky’s the limit? It went from 22 stories to six; if you can’t allow a six-story building on Wilshire, where can you allow it?”
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