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Contentious Wetherly Project Makes It Through PLUM*

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After putting a decision off all summer (the original hearing was scheduled for June 9), the city's Planning and Land Use Management Committee (PLUM) finally approved the slightly scaled-back Four Seasons-adjacent Wetherly project yesterday. It was approved in part, and denied in part, but here's the approved part: PLUM passed plans for a 14-story, 95 unit condo building with 238 parking spaces. Locals including the Burton Way Homeowners Association and the Four Seasons weren't happy about the height exception made for The Wetherly, which is being designed by a Nadel. Given City Councilman Paul Koretz's anti-development stance during his election campaign, it'll be interesting to see how residents in the area react when this motion heads to the full City Council (expected to happen next week). UPDATE: A few corrections: A press rep for the project passes on word that the residential tower is now 12 stories, rather than 14, and another component is being kept: Instead of 4-5 stories along Wetherly (behind the Four Seasons) the lower part will be 5-6 stories, and the architect is RTKL.
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