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Today in Preservation: Two Sorianos, a Schindler, and the Reid Brothers

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[Photo via OK Los Angeles]

The City Council promoted a whole bunch of mid-century houses and an old downtown building to Historic Cultural Monument status today. Here's what they've protected:

1. The Ross House in Echo Park by Raphael Soriano, which has had three owners and no alterations made since it was built in 1938.

[Photo via Mister Fancy]

2. The 1936 Lipetz House in Silver Lake by Soriano, where the HCM application says the architect "appears to have first been famed architectural photographer Julius Shulman, establishing a long collaboration." The house still has its original floorplan, but has had its garage replaced with a carport, got a new patio and roof deck, had an interior wall knocked down, and seen a few other minor changes.

[Photo via Architecture for Sale]

3. Rudolph Schindler's 1938 Wilson House in Silver Lake. Several pieces of built-in furniture were removed from the house (Who doesn't like a built-in?!). Also it's had an interior wall removed, some window alterations, two patios enclosed, and a kitchen redesign.

4. The 1898 Douglas Building downtown, now home to 50 "New York style loft units." The building was designed by Reid Brothers, who also designed the nearby Merritt Building and the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.
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