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Tree Hugging Day Not Without Some Bitchy Words

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Yesterday was Tree Hugging Day, an event in which participants hugged trees at Palisades Park and elsewhere. The Santa Monica Daily Press dutifully covered the event: "Marcy Miller rested her head gently on the California palm tree, tears welling in her eyes as she embraced the trunk, memories of her now deceased father, once a worker in a lumber yard, flooding back. 'I have hugged trees before but it did not have the same impact,' she said." The event was organized by Jerry Rubin, co-founder of the Santa Monica Treesavers, and the same man who tried to save all those Santa Monica ficus. But Rubin split from the Treesavers group earlier this year, and judging from the Daily Press story, it's apparent some Treesavers members still harbor resentment towards Rubin. Susan Hartley, who co-founded Treesavers, didn't attend the event and "said she's busy saving trees," according to the paper. "I don't think we need a Tree Hugging Day," she said. "We have Arbor Day and that's a nationwide event. I just think people's efforts would be better spent saving trees." Meanwhile, the trees have issued a press release, indicating they wish the people would work out their own issues on other inanimate objects.
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