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CurbedWire: Bel-Air Hotel Swans Will Stay, Downtown Theater Tours

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BEL-AIR: Your latest swan news: Originally, the swans who live in the pond at the Bel-Air Hotel were supposed to be moved to the Wildlife Waystation in Little Tujunga Canyon during the two-year renovation of the hotel, which'll close October 1st. But due to circumstances related to the recent Station Fire, which caused a temporary evacuation of the animal shelter, the birds won't be moved. "We are keeping the swans on the property and they will be fed their usual romaine hearts," writes Jonathan Mattis, Area Marketing Manager for the Bel-Air Hotel, in an email. At night, the swans sleep in what Mattis describes a outdoor cage-like structure (but nicer) on the hotel grounds. [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: Via the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation, news of tours this weekend of the Million Dollar Theater and the Morosco (Club 740) Theatre. "On the Big Screen, Theatre historian Ed Kelsey will present highlights from the PowerPoint theatre histories he created so artfully for our stops over the past 12 months at the Orpheum, Million Dollar, Los Angeles, Palace, Globe/Morosco, Rialto, Tower, Mayan and Belasco. Comprehensive projection booth-to-backstage-to-basement walking tours of the Globe/Morosco and Million Dollar will round out the event." More info via the web site. [Curbed Inbox]