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New To Market: Scott Van Houten Design In Echo Park

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We haven't been able to dig up much on the architect for this house, Scott Van Houten. Even broker Scott King tells us he's a bit of a mystery. According to the listing, the three-bedroom, three-bath house was rebuilt in 2004 and features "a cantilevered staircase lead[ing] to the bedrooms each with their own balcony." There's also a fireplace, hardwood floors, a large studio with separate entrance and a drought-tolerant garden. We hope that "studio with separate entrance" isn't the garage, which the pictures seem to suggest. Last sold in February 2005 for $827,000, today's asking price is $950,000 or $415 per square foot.
UPDATE: Scott King emails us to say: "The studio is not the garage..its a finished basement with high ceilings, windows, etc." Mystery solved.
· 1908 N Alvarado St Los Angeles, CA 90039 [Redfin]