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CurbedWire: 1220 Art Lofts Opening in WeHo, Kim Sing Theatre Space

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: The real estate agent repping the 1220 Art Lofts project sent the above photo and writes: "We are finally ready to open at 1220 N. Orange Grove in Weho although not 100% complete.... thought you might like to know." This is the project that came back from the dead. At one point, it was called the CB Lofts project. Price list after the jump. [Curbed Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: After re-grouping, Ford & Ching (formerly Ford Brady) are looking to rent out part of their Kim Sing Theatre. Via a mailer: "722 Figueroa (clothing showroom), LUDWIG (apparel), and STRONG SPORTS MMA (martial arts gym), the Kim Sing Theatre seeks similar minded tenants to take advantage of this uniquely renovated space and be part of the major events that take place in the building." Official site. [Curbed Inbox]