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The Catch: Live Like Sardines in Santa Monica

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What/Where: A one bedroom, one bathroom apartment in Santa Monica.

Sounds good, right?: "Close to Wilshire and the beach...fully furnished. Full kitchen...Laundry on site. We have wireless and cable. Safe street parking." The rent is $100 a month and includes all utilities.

The Catch: "In the living room there's a sofa bed that sleeps 2 (a guy and a girl) and also a single futon that sleeps the other guy. You would be sharing the bedroom with us, a guy and a girl. And no, he doesn't snore! LOL. there's no room for an additional bed so we're looking for someone who would be ok with sharing our queen size bed. That's why would be nice if you we're petite so we'd all have more room."

At least this group of twentysomething vegetarians are good-natured about their very close living--they've titled the post "CLOWNS IN VW? close enough." They all met through Craigslist and want you to know that despite the circumstances "this is not a party house. We're all professionals in our 20's who work all day and are very serious about our careers.... Times are just tough."

That explanation raises some questions, but the bigger puzzler here is this: have these people found a $600 one bedroom close to the beach in Santa Monica? [Image via thedailygreen]
· $100 CLOWNS IN VW? close enough - female for co-sharing (SantaMonica) [Craigslist]