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Senate Delays NFL Stadium Vote, And No Rams, Please

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Over the weekend, the Pasadena Star-News reported that Walnut and Majestic Realty, which wants to put a NFL stadium in Industry, had '"reached an agreement in principle" in regards to that Walnut lawsuit. Which means, among other things, that Majestic will be forking over a tidy sum of money to Walnut to pay for all the inconveniences of living near a stadium. (Although at one point, John Semcken, vice president at Majestic, deliciously accused Walnut of extortion, saying the city had inflated the sum requested of Majestic simply to pay for existing transportation problems. Who knows what's actually true.) Meanwhile, on the topic of environmental exemptions for the stadium: While the Assembly gave its approval to exemption, a Senate vote was postponed. Additionally, the OC Register 's Randy Youngman reports that Majestic did a meet and greet in the OC to talk about the stadium. According to the paper, Semcken wants to bond with the OC (and perhaps its wealthy residents) because he doesn't want locals there to "think of [the stadium] as an L.A. stadium, especially because it's closer to Orange County...The site is 14 miles from Disneyland and 22 miles from downtown Los Angeles." Also, in terms of possible teams, Youngman really doesn't want the Rams to come to LA.
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