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The Village at Playa Vista is Back Off the Mat

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Playa Vista, the Ballona Wetlands superdevelopment for anyone who has ever wanted to live in 1950s Lakewood, is on the march again after legal troubles hamstringed construction of The Village, the eerily-named second phase of the planned community. In 2007 a state appeals court ruled that Phase II's environmental impact report was flawed and construction had to stop; developers Playa Capital are now recirculating an updated EIR to locals and expect a city council vote in early 2010, reports The Argonaut. This version improves analysis in three areas the court found lacking: land use impacts, wastewater impacts, and archeological resources.

The Village plans include 2,600 residential housing units, 175,000 square feet of office space, 150,000 square feet of retail space, 40,000 square feet for "community-serving uses," parks, and bicycle lanes. A Riparian Corridor was constructed before the court halted construction. The Argonaut says the project also "includes an equivalency program that would allow flexibility to exchange a maximum of 125,000 square feet of office development for up to 56,832 square feet of retail use or 200 assisted living units, or a combination of the two." Playa Capital might need to cash that in, since FOX bailed on their enormous lease in Phase I in June.
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