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Albert Frey's North Shore Yacht Club Getting a Facelift

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[Photo by flickr user slworking2]

One of mid-century architect Albert Frey's most significant buildings, (his style epitomized "desert modernism") is getting a $3.5 million renovation. Ground-breaking takes place today for the abandoned 1958 North Shore Yacht Club's restoration project on the northeastern shore of the Salton Sea. According to Palm Springs Life, "Frey was obviously delighted by the irony of building a yacht club in a desert. His playful design looked like a futuristic aluminum ship nosing through the surf, complete with catwalks, a flying bridge, masts, and lanyards. A small upper floor with porthole windows served as the crow’s nest."The new club will have a visitor's center, a senior center (hey, it's Palm Springs), a juice bar, an activity room and a museum. Construction is expected to take up to 18 months and architect Tim Holt of Rancho Mirage designed the plans.
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