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AC Martin Brings the Glass Wall to Boyle Heights

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Construction in the public sector marches along, and following that tour of the new Los Angeles Police Department headquarters in downtown, gaze upon the new Hollenbeck Station, located at 1936 1st Street in Boyle Heights. While the station opened for operations on August 11, last weekend was the official opening for the station, which serves El Sereno, Lincoln Heights and Boyle Heights. The station was designed by local firm AC Martin, the same group behind the forthcoming Wilshire Grand hotel/condo project. More from the description of the project off AC Martin's web site: "The exterior walls are highlighted by a staccato rhythm of rectangular windows and insets, while an open plaza set off the striking public entrance. The station's layered-glass entry wall adds an artistic focal point to the community while creating a welcoming public entrance. The glass facade allows light and diffused view into the lobby by day and [is a] glowing beacon by night. The design also provides the necessary security while maintaining a sense of openness and energy."
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