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CurbedWire: Choose Your Own Filipinotown Walking Tour

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FILIPINOTOWN: Local firm Pdub Productions will launch a free walking tour this Saturday, an event that ends with a big Barrio Fiesta fundraising party. And these aren't just any walking tours--they're high-tech. "Tour-goers will use GPS-enabled Nokia tablets to access audio, photos and maps that bring to life immigrant perspectives and time periods. Each guide features one central figure of the period but is augmented by many other personal stories of life in Historic Filipinotown or Los Angeles during the time period: a Filipino “Fountain Pen Boy” (1898-1945), a Filipino Farm Worker (1945-1965), a Latina Teen (1965- 2002), and a Filipina Caregiver (2002-present)." More via the official web site. Pictured: “Los Angeles’s Historic Filipinotown” by Carina Monica Montoya [Curbed Inbox]