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PriceChopper: It's Back! Mt. Washington Yurt Relisted

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Yes, it's back on the MLS, with the tiniest of pricechops. When it first hit the market six months ago, this brightly colored three-bedroom, two bath 1910 Craftsman with a backyard yurt in Mt. Washington had been cleansed of bad juju by its current owner, "a writer and self-described healer." It seems the cleansing wasn't enough to sell the house. And maybe we're risking our own bad karma to say with a listing as nonsensical as this one, the seller may need more help than a ritual cleansing can provide. Like, perhaps with a copywriter. To wit: "Rarely does folklore mention living quarters, but naturally there would be details worthy of fable plus a separate guest house where you would mingle with the muse." Come again? Know what might also help sell this house? A real pricechop. Last sold in July 2005 for $1.099 million, the house was first listed at $999,000 in February of this year. Then cut in April to $979,000. Today's listing price: $963,000 or $404 per square foot.
· 971 TERRACE 49 LOS ANGELES, CA 90042 [Redfin]