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MCM Bargain? Thorgusen Residence Now An REO

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Well this just makes us sad. The Thorgusen Residence in the Hollywood Hills is back on the market, now bank-owned after a foreclosure. Designed by architect Robert Thorgusen in 1953 (when he was still fresh out of USC Architecture School) the two-bedroom, two-bath 2,300 square foot house also features an extra long pool. When it was first on the market at the height of the bubble, it was originally listed for $1.895 million, and after multiple pricechops, lingered at $1.6 million. By September of 2008, the house was foreclosed on for $1.215 million. Now it's back on the market, although strangely the listing doesn't mention its architectural provenance. It's also got some really crappy photos. Come on, broker. At least pretend you care. Today's listing price: $859,800.
· 9029 Hollywood Hills Rd Hollywood Hills, CA 90046 [Redfin]
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