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Suggestion: Tackle Roaches Before Bike Racks in Crenshaw

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[No roaches here, but dark: Two-bedroom at Crenshaw/Washington that's asking $1,250]
The Los Angeles Times looks at the proposed Community Redevelopment-led improvements for the Crenshaw Corridor, noting not only those freeway-adjacent Rosa Parks Villas, but the planned sidewalk-widening efforts. And while there are also plans for bike racks and benches, at least one resident would prefer that the city tackle other problems first. Debi Young tells the paper: "Why don't they work on lowering the rents out here, or refurbishing these roach-infested apartments?" Another resident notes that Crenshaw needs a better variety of businesses, not just "hair salons, churches, and barbershops." Meanwhile, it's looking like at least some of those improvements may be on hold given the CRA budget cuts.
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