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CurbedWire: W Hollywood's Future And Musical Architects

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HOLLYWOOD: Wondering how the under-construction Hollywood W will do in terms of sales, we caught up with Chad Rogers today and asked him if he'd sold that $3.2 million listing at the Hollywood W that he had last December. "Actually, they swapped it out and gave me the $5 million penthouse listing instead," he said via phone. While the $5 million listing is still on his web site, he can't say whether it sold due to "Million Dollar Listing"'s confidentiality agreement. And what does he think of the building itself? Are they going to have to hold a damn auction, too? "I totally know it’s going to do well. There's nothing else like it, except Sierra Towers, and that was built in 1964." Image via Dwell. [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: Who could pass up this press release? Headline: "Architects to Showcase Musical Talents in Benefit Concert.' On October 3, a group of architects and building design professionals will perform at the Colburn School in downtown Los Angeles, with proceeds benefiting the Habitat for Humanity’s Lynwood Redevelopment Project. More info here. [Curbed InBox]