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Electric Love Affair: Downey, Long Beach Pursue Tesla

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The Press-Telegram reports on the ongoing quest by both Downey and Long Beach to convince Elon Musk, president and CEO of the electric car company, to pick their city to build Tesla's S sedan assembly line (seen above). According to the paper, Downey Studios and the former Boeing 717 site in Long Beach are considered the finalists for the spot. And while both sites are similar, Long Beach may have the financial advantage. From an earlier Press-Telegram story: "The Boeing plant, operating for most of its life under the McDonnell Douglas umbrella, produced more than 15,000 airplanes over 65 years before closing in 2006. The Downey site once built the Apollo program capsules and space shuttles for NASA, as well as airplanes...However, Long Beach's ace in the hole may be something that Downey can't offer -- a state enterprise zone that has the potential to save Tesla millions of dollars in tax payments." Wired covered the unveiling of the S model earlier this year, reporting the car, which is at least two years off, will have a list price of $57,400, (after tax credits=$49,900). [Image via Wired]
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