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Thar She Blows! Water Bursts Are All the Rage

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Someone start selling t-shirts and marketing this trend via YouTube. And on a day that yet another water main breaks, it's worth pointing out this comment left on the site from yesterday: "Nothing wrong with the damn water lines. I worked on those lines. SUVs and fat people putting too much weight on the streets are crushing them." Perhaps. Over at Ron>, there are more questions than answers: A DWP exec "admitted there has been an increase in these larger breaks over the past three months and although the DWP has yet to "nail down" the causes for these breaks, they are not beyond the capabilities of DWP to handle." Meanwhile, a reader sent in this photo on Monday, taken on Sunset in Bel-Air. The LAFD had info on an incident involving a "sheared hydrant" on Sunset, but no other information could be found.
· Broken water main floods Topanga Canyon Boulevard [LA Times]