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National Treasure II: Live In Your Very Own Pyramid

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We don't know about you but nothing evokes the hot desert landscape of ancient Egypt like the...San Gabriel Mountains? Right? Who's with us? So obviously, the only rational housing choice is a pyramid. Actually, we can't hate something so bizarrely nonsensical. It belongs in a National Treasure sequel. We're already devising a Freemason conspiracy cooked up in the Zen Garden. According to the listing for this two-bedroom, two-bath 3,327 square foot home, the property features a master suite with private patio, a "large Egyptian motif bathroom," a circular front door, a hot tub in the pergola and there's a bonus one-bedroom, one-bath guest house. The property is for lease for $3,500 per month. It's also for sale. The last time the house was sold America was in the first Gulf War, a Kennedy was accused of rape, and we were all wearing flannel just as Jane's Addiction disbanded. Ah, the good old days. Last sale price: $450,000 in 1991. Today's asking price: $1.098 million or $330 per square foot.
· 751 Oak Crest Dr Sierra Madre, CA 91024 [Redfin]