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Seeing Naked People

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While the LA Times does the naked-people-High-Line-story-from-NY today, LA at Home blogger Craig Nakano says it reminds him of an article the Times ran in 2007 about LA's un-private private bathrooms (It describes Thom Mayne's set-up: "The shower stall is positioned opposite the kitchen and adjacent to the dining/living area. It's recessed, below the ground level, and is surrounded by sand-blasted glass that stops at about midcalf. From the kitchen or the dining area, one can see the wood-slated floor of the shower and the lower legs of anyone bathing."). But never overlook a classic. There's good naked-people-watching at the Bonaventure--there are clear views into the rooms from the glass elevators. [LA Times, LA at Home, image via Curbed]