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*West LA Vons Mixed-use Project Not Dead

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After this week's report about work beginning on a mixed-use project at Santa Monica Blvd. and Federal Avenue, commenters mentioned that a mixed-use redo of the dilapidated Vons across the street and down a block might still be in the works; there's been murmurs of a tear-down of the aesthetically-challenged store (complete with huge street-facing parking lot that's often filled with the homeless) for years. Well, Carlos Illingworth, manager of public affairs and government relations for Vons, confirmed that they are still working on the project and it would indeed be a mixed-use structure that would keep a grocery store in the neighborhood—whether its a Vons or a Pavilions that goes in the bottom of the apartments/condos, it's still too early to say. “We’ve had very preliminary discussions with the city of Los Angeles about the store on Santa Monica Boulevard,” he said. “We're optimistic it will [result] in a positive development.” *UPDATE: Illingworth now tells us the project won't be mixed-use, but a stand-alone store with rooftop parking.
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