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Return, Rehabilitate: More Lincoln Place Settlement Details

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The Santa Monica Mirror follows up on news that there's been a pending settlement over the eviction of 162 households of Lincoln Place, that 38-acre apartment complex in Venice, and reports that the development will be rehabilitated and renovated. According to the paper: "Court documents obtained by the Mirror indicate that the pending settlement involves not only the return of many dispossessed tenants to Lincoln Place and the long-delayed rehabilitation and redevelopment of the property, but the payment of settlement money to be allocated among tenants." As the paper notes, 11 households now occupy the property, and "some" of the 52 buildings have been demolished. After the jump, a description of the property via a commenter on the site.

Via this post:

"This is a very informative page to visit if you want to find out more about the Lincoln Place Apartments:

When I first walked through the complex in the early 90s I wasn't too impressed with the building exteriors but several years later I was looking for an apartment and was directed there by a friend. Seeing the inside, I was blown away by how nice they were. Beautiful hardwood floors, tremendous light and ocean breeze, large bedrooms (in the one-bedrooms) and only one shared wall with neighbors. I stayed for almost nine years. While being there, I just took all that open space for granted. Then later, looking for another apartment, I realized that it's a rare thing to have here in the city. Mostly, we are piled on top of one another, stuffed in like sardines with nothing to look at but the wall of the building next door, a slice of blue and maybe a leaf or two. All that for $1500+ a month."

More about Lincoln Place via the aformentioned web site:

incoln Place is a large multi-family garden apartment complex built in a park-like setting throughout a contiguous 38-acre area in the beach community of Venice, California. The site plan is rooted in the English Garden City Movement. These bungalow court/garden apartments were built from 1949 to 1951 and feature both International Style and Moderne architectural elements. The architectural firm of Wharton & Vaughn was hired to design the development, with Ralph Vaughn of the firm leading the design team.

"A careful orchestration of small gardens, courts, and common grounds was shaped by the architectural grouping of 52 apartment building blocks, containing a total of 795 one- and two-bedroom apartment units. In addition, there were approximately 90 one-story parking structures that included carports, garages and attached laundry rooms, along the alleys of the complex. In addition about five detached small communal laundry buildings were scattered throughout the property, echoing the apartment building blocks in design and materials. Over 350 mature trees cover the site."

· Lincoln Place Parties Sign Settlement Agreement [Santa Monica Mirror]

Lincoln Place

1077 Elkgrove Ave., Los Angeles, CA