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West Hollywood's Speedy Drivers Spotlighted

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Remember that reader rant about West Hollywood drivers and their unsafe ways? ("In terms of asshole drivers, I'd like to give the award to West Hollywood"). Well, the WeHo News reports that locals recently attended a meeting to ask for the city speed bumps, watch groups, and traffic solutions following complaints that drivers are whipping through West Hollywood at ridiculous speeds. According to the WeHo News, at the meeting citizens "related incident upon incident of cars careening through the Westside neighborhood, some at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour - one losing control on the city’s lone traffic circle, sending a woman and her dog leaping for the cover of bushes, according to accounts. Francoise Brencoten, a resident of Dorrington, related how cars often travel up to 70 mph along that street between Robertson and Doheny, usually blowing past stop signs. Steve Pargamanik, a member of the city’s Russian advisory board since its inception, appeared in a neck brace, the result of an accident with a speeding car on a side street." Mayor Jeffrey Prang also spoke at the meeting, noting that he'd seen cars drive as fast as 60 miles/hour on his street, Sweetzer Avenue.
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