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Meet Summit on Sixth, That Other K-Town Project

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Koreatown's Summit on Sixth has always seemed a tad peculiar, and the peculiar feeling comes this building's location. A conversion of an office building, the 96-unit development is wedged on a skinny corridor along 6th Street, a site that overlooks a parking lot. Additionally, the building is parallel to a parking lot for a drug store, and behind the building is yet another parking lot (Summit's guest and retail parking). But beware of snap judgments, and do not fear the vast parking sea. Because we enjoyed our recent walk-through at Summit on Sixth. In fact, we enjoyed it far more than our trip to Solair, (located right down the street at Wilshire and Western*), and a building that is competing with Summit. Yup, K-town condo fight is on, bitches!

Right now, cheapest unit is $364,000 (that’s 1,120 square feet), while the units seen in the gallery include a 1,1080-square foot one-bedroom, one-bath penthouse that's asking $870,000, and a 1,551-square foot two-bedroom (with huge outdoor terrace) that's asking $907,000 (this one has actually been sold, but there are similar units). And homeowner association dues average at about $590 a month. The building has its certificate of occupancy, so you can move in. Some more details: Bamboo flooring, solid maple cabinets. UPDATE: And 11' 6'' height ceilings!

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