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CurbedWire: Downtown's Metropolitan*, Expo Line II Meeting

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DOWNTOWN: Downtown resident Rich Alossi passes on a photo of the latest work at the Metropolitan building at Broadway and Fifth. "Looks like they've got new windows installed on the eastern face." Architecture firm Rockefeller Partners is behind the remodel of the building, which is being converted into live/work apartments. [Curbed InBox]

WEST SIDE: Oxymoron alert. Via the Inbox: "Heads up that the next round of Progress Update meetings regarding EXPO Phase 2 will be held next month. There will be three identical meetings around the Westside but, of course, the one to attend is Monday, October 5 at 6pm in Cheviot Hills. Please get the word out to Curbed so that we can have a strong contingent of common sense at the meeting." Official site and more details about meeting.