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Rent Check: Echo Park Home with Recording Studio

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The listing for this two-bedroom, one-and-a-half bath in Echo Park claims it's a Schindler design, but we can't find any records of that. Nor does it look like a Schindler. At all. So we have our doubts. The listing also claims it was built by a movie star in 1941, but we feel so betrayed by the Schindler claim, who knows what's true anymore? The listing notes the house features "lots of windows, French doors and a lovely verandah [sic] allow you to fully appreciate the views." The property has a gated, flat yard below the deck and there's "a bonus office space with separate entrance as well." There's also a recording studio on the property with a separate entrance that the owner plans to keep using, but will allow tenants to rent that as well for $3,900 per month inclusive. Oddly, the listing also says the studio "can be converted into an office/art studio/etc. or remain as a recording studio." So which is it? Recording studio the owner will use, or future art studio/office? Sans recording studio the monthly rent is $3,150 and requires a $4,500 deposit to move in.
· $3150 / 2br - 1941 Schindler Home (Echo Park) [Craigslist]