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Crazy People Who Won't Stop Exercising: Manhattan Beach Edition

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You may have heard about all those crazy Manhattan Beach boot camp programs. Or you may have heard about all the nutty exercisers that are driving the city of Santa Monica nuts. In a story related to both those topics, the Daily Breeze reports the city council--which is concerned about all the damn equipment that's being used by these workout nuts-- will consider a prohibition on personal exercise equipment at all local parks and fields. Via the Breeze: '"We're just seeing an influx of private trainers and groups of people who are obviously being trained by personal or private trainers,' said Richard Gill, the city's director of parks and recreation. 'They'll bring in equipment from weights to cones to harnesses to straps they attach to our trees." City officials worry that such equipment could prevent park access to other folks, but Gill said Manhattan's primary concern is safety. Park rangers routinely recover a variety of exercise equipment left behind by trainers, just begging for someone to trip over." [Image via Extreme Boot Camp.South Bay Just because their image was used doesn't mean they leave any equipment behind.]
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