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PriceChopper: Short Sale In Beverly Hills

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The photos for this listing have us flummoxed. Is Beverly Hills now near the ocean? The photos seem to imply there's a large body of water near this six-bedroom, nine-bath estate, but upon closer inspection, it seems to be the infinity pool overlooking the city causing that effect. The listing boasts of its "Jerusalem stone bridge surrounded by water," a Balinese-style 12,000 square foot home with materials imported "from all over the world," three separate master bedroom suites, a theater, a wine cellar and the aforementioned pool. The listing also notes the house is a "SHORT SALE! MUST SELL!" The house was last sold in 2005 for $3.8 million and was put on the market in July for $8.999 million. It's now chopped by a cool mil. Today's listing price: $7.995 million.
· 1446 Donhill Dr Los Angeles, CA 90210 [Redfin]