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Chad Rogers Lists Wells Fargo Malibu Party House

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Take a good look at this house--would you trade a few parties in here for a Wells Fargo senior vice presidency? Cheronda Guyton did, which we all know now. But you can live there full time for more in the neighborhood of $21.5 million. That's the asking price Hilton & Hyland agent Chad Rogers listed the house at two days ago. Yes, the Wells Fargo Malibu story takes yet another bizarre twist.

The listing's managed to stay under the radar the past couple days because Rogers has swapped in a more accurate address for the property (The LA Times article that broke the story originally called it 106 Malibu Colony Rd.; the house is actually #106 in the Malibu Colony and the address is 23360 Malibu Colony Rd.) And it looks like he was in a rush to get the place on the market after the debacle broke: there are only exterior photos on the MLS and the house isn't up on his personal website yet. (These pictures come from the former owners' former agents, whose website for the house is still live.)

But one question: Given the PR disaster, why would Wells Fargo hand over the house to a reality television star/real estate agent, a move that'll just draw more attention to the residence?
· 23360 MALIBU COLONY Rd [Redfin]