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Effort to Stop Bullet Train Off the Rails—For Now

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The push by two Northern California cities to route the LA-SF bullet train through the East Bay instead of the San Francisco peninsula has hit a snag, reports the Silicon Valley Business Journal. A Superior Court judge has denied efforts by bullet train opponents to stop environmental studies on a proposed route between San Francisco and the Central Valley, and ruled that high-speed rail officials may continue environmental studies on the planned bullet train route—the state’s application for federal stimulus funding for the project can also proceed. The cities of Menlo Park and Atherton "wanted an immediate stop to environmental studies until questions surrounding a proposed Gilroy-to-San Jose track alignment are cleared up as well as issues the Union Pacific railroad raised about allowing its right of way to be used by the bullet train." The issue isn't done: the judge ordered bullet train opponents and the high-speed rail authority to present briefs and oral arguments October 9 on the Gilroy-to-San Jose section and the Union Pacific issue. The good news is that work will continue while this is all sorted out.
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