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CurbedWire: 600 Spring's Windows, PARK(ing) Day this Friday

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DOWNTOWN: "The holes have eyes," writes a reader, sending in the above photos and apparently referencing that creepy "Hills" movie. And the long-tracked 600 Spring building, which has seen quite a bit of work, has windows in its base. Welcome, windows. [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: This Friday is PARK (ing) Day. Here's what to know: 1. Send in your photos. We'll be posting them on the site. 2. Send in your address. We'll send a photographer to come take photos of your set-up. 3. Come stalk: Curbed is joining forces with de LaB and Greenmeme. From 10 am-3pm, we'll be in front of restaurant LOCAL in Silver Lake (2943 Sunset Blvd), working out of a sustainable pocket-park, a space meant to raise awareness about pocket farms. If you're a developer that we've insulted, come throw a drink in our face! And sweet deals will be available for those who walk, bike or take public transportation to visit us. [Curbed Staff]