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Santa Monica Architect Dreams of Tall Tower, Beach Wars

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It's hard to tell how seriously this project is being considered, but Tom Landau, a Santa Monica-based architect and builder, is proposing to build--drumroll--the largest building in the world, a 224-story skyscraper for Abu Dhabi, reports the Los Angeles Times. There is talk of backers and possible investors, and the paper reports a committee in Abu Dhabi is looking at the project, but nothing sounds like it's happening any time soon, or even at all. No matter! Landau, who is behind the 25-story Glendale Plaza and 17-story One Westwood, has other hobbies to keep him busy. Via the LA Times: "Business for many commercial architects has been slow during the recession, dragging especially on office designers since the great building boom of the late 1980s and early 1990s left much of the country saturated with office space. Instead of designing, Landau has been spending much of his time lately working on a musical he conceived called "Woody," about turf-rights battles at Southern California beaches in the late 1960s. He is also an artist and a cartoonist." Truthfully, we're far more interested in seeing the musical than a 224-story tower--when's the opening, Tom?
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